September 2019 Newsletter

Hello! So glad to be back here posting more information about what’s going on in my writing world. Anyways, I am here to annouce that the September 2019 newsletter has arrived! If you want to learn more about what’s coming up in the current issue, you can click here If you don’t want to missContinue reading “September 2019 Newsletter”

Update on An Orman’s Fate

Hello all, hope you guys are enjoying yourselves whether it’s day, evening, or afternoon in this great big world we are living in. Anyways, I have sent off for the second round of revisions to my editor for An Orman’s Fate. My wish is for it to be published by September considering it probably won’t be readyContinue reading “Update on An Orman’s Fate”

An Update: An Orman’s Revenge

So, here is an update on a few other places you can purchase the ebook version of An Orman’s Revenge online: Apple Playster 24 Symbols Barnes and Noble I’m not exactly sure what is going on with Tolino, Baker and Taylor, and One Drive but I will be sure to keep you posted on thatContinue reading “An Update: An Orman’s Revenge”

Today, I’m feeling good…

So today, I am feeling good because I recently just read over my second book An Orman’s Fate and I have so many ideas on how to extend my story beyond the Truson S.E.T. series. I have so many ideas on how I can extend my career beyond writing romance or even writing fiction inContinue reading “Today, I’m feeling good…”

An Orman’s Revenge now available everywhere!

Hello, this is Dominique Gibson. I’m back to give you the news about An Orman’s Revenge. The e-book is now available everywhere! You can purchase it through Nook, Amazon, Kobo, and other retailers considering I have just now published the book on the Draft2digitial website. So, if you haven’t gotten a copy already, please makeContinue reading “An Orman’s Revenge now available everywhere!”

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