Helpful Tips for Authors: Biblio Files

Well Hello! I know that it’s been awhile since I have published anything on my website considering I have been super busy with rewriting my third novel, An Orman’s Allegiance, but considering I was recently on Facebook posting pictures of my progress on the self-editing process, I decided to browse my Facebook pages and stumbledContinue reading “Helpful Tips for Authors: Biblio Files”

The April 2020 newsletter

Hello, I’m back and giving you the latest edition of The Gibson Newsletter for you to enjoy! I can’t believe that April has come and gone! Anyways, you can look at the latest edition of my newsletter here. It has some valuable information I think you will enjoy. Have a good night and I willContinue reading “The April 2020 newsletter”

March 2020 newsletter

Hello, Dominique Gibson is back again with a brand new newsletter for March 2020. I forgot to mention this in the newsletter but I am going to announce it now. If you have not purchased An Orman’s Fate this year, you have the opportunity to download it for free on Amazon until April 3rd. MakeContinue reading “March 2020 newsletter”

Helpful Tips For Authors: Book Brush

Dominique Gibson is back with yet another recommendation for authors on designing, promoting and marketing your books to reach readers around the world. This recommendation came from a Facebook friend I’ve met online through the ALLI (Alliance of Independent Authors) Facebook Group (Something that I will talk about later this week). I had created aContinue reading “Helpful Tips For Authors: Book Brush”

Helpful Tips for Authors: Literary Titan

Hello, it’s me, Dominique Gibson and I’m back with another lovely recommendation for authors who may be having trouble marketing and promoting their books online or otherwise. I have found another website where you can be able to purchase book trailers, book reviews, and even have the opportunity to have your book be entered inContinue reading “Helpful Tips for Authors: Literary Titan”

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