February 2020 Newsletter

Hello, I’m back with yet another issue of the Gibson Newsletter. Hope all of you are having a great time wherever you are. Hopefully, if you are available for a few minutes, you will be able to read what’s happening so far in my publishing world… You can find the link to the February 2020Continue reading “February 2020 Newsletter”

A website for Book Trailers

Hello, Dominique Gibson is back again. I was just exploring the internet while I was busy trying to work on multiple things at once and I found a website where you can do your own book trailers for free (at least that’s what they advertise) so for all you writers out there who wants toContinue reading “A website for Book Trailers”

Entered into the RITA and other contests…

Hello, Dominique Gibson back again with another update. This past Sunday, I took the risk and decided to enter not one but both of my books, An Orman’s Revenge and An Orman’s Fate into the RITA contest, the one and only national contest sponsored by the Romance Writers Of America. I have also entered theContinue reading “Entered into the RITA and other contests…”