The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Should we be worried?

Yes, I have heard a lot of things when it comes to writers and the future of artificial intelligence (AI for short). The latest buzz has been writers worrying about the future between the real human writers out here who bust their you know what to write books on a daily basis either as aContinue reading “The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Should we be worried?”

New Deadlines for Courtney’s Redemption

Hi! I know it has been a busy week for me considering I am doing lesson plans and training at my daycare job (Not to mention I haven’t even got started on doing my taxes yet…gulp!). But I decided that I wanted to start the new year off by creating some new deadlines when itContinue reading “New Deadlines for Courtney’s Redemption”

New Logo: The Gibson Newsletter

Hi! Dominique Gibson is back with another post. As I am working on the latest edition of The Gibson Newsletter, I decided to make this announcement on my blog considering I am going to be so busy working on my newsletter and the latest draft of ‘Courtney Redemption’ and a few other things that needContinue reading “New Logo: The Gibson Newsletter”

I did it again: Submitting to Romance Includes You Mentorship

I did it again. I signed up and entered in the Romance Includes You Mentorship program this year. I will never forget when I did this back in 2019. I had prepared my submission to be entered into the ‘Romance Includes You’ Mentorship. It was for writers in the United States and Canada who dreamedContinue reading “I did it again: Submitting to Romance Includes You Mentorship”

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