Self-published trends in 2020

Hi, it’s me. This article post is for all of my authors who is still trying to or who already is making a living at self-publishing. Here is another article I have found while surfing the web which offers some suggestions on how to promote your self-publishing business. Click on the link below for more information.

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The Gibson Newsletter: November 2020

Since I have been working really hard trying my best to finish the second pass to An Orman’s Allegiance, I can’t really post anything at the moment. But I will be back soon to give you more insightful posts in the future. For now, please enjoy the recent copy of the November 2020 edition of The Gibson Newsletter. Enjoy!

You can access the link here.

Dominique Gibson

Article for Traditional Publishing: Advances and Royalties

Dominique is back again with another post, this time for the authors who are still interested in going the traditional publishing route. I recently posted an article a couple of days ago about the lingo literary agents and publishers use whenever the author agrees to sign a deal with a literary agent and/or a publisher. Now, I have another article to post about how advances and royalties work when it comes to traditional publishing in general.

It’s a little bit more complicated when it comes to getting a contract with a traditional publisher and I for one believe that all writers should learn as much as they can when it comes to publishing in general whether they are self-publishing children’s books, or polishing their latest draft to send to a literary agent, it never hurts to learn as much as you can when it comes to the publishing business in general.

Check out the link below for more information about how advances and royalties work in the traditional publishing world.

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Article for Children’s authors: What NOT to do

Hi! Yes it’s me. I’m back with another article for the children’s authors out there who are interested in learning what NOT to do when it comes to self publishing your children’s book. This article provided some really good infomation about the steps children’s authors need to take in order for their self-published books to become more successful. As a self-published author, I think it’s really important to read as much information as you can about the self-publishing business in general and this article can be beneficial for children’s authors whose desire is to self-publish their own work.

Based on what I see from the literary agents and publishers now a days, you need to not only write your book, you need to illustrate your work as well for a literary agent to even consider your work. Why go through the hassle when you can self-publish your work and earn more royalties in the process? Anyways, if you want more information about what NOT to do when it comes to self-publishing your children’s book, check out the link below.

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