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Courtney’s life has been miserable: All she wants is to get credit for discovering the latest members of the Truson S.ET., a group of hybrid shapeshifters created to save the planet from total destruction. Not only is she pissed for her grandfather not giving her credit for discovering her latest experiments, she’s more upset when her grandfather decides to hire a bodyguard to look into a mysterious investigation she knows nothing about. Unfortunately, he’s not just any bodyguard: He’s also her ex-boyfriend from high school! The last thing she needs is to hang around with someone who she had a stupid one night stand with when they were children. But when she tags along with Chad Whitlock-Madison to find out the truth about a possible fraud, Courtney can’t stop herself from remembering all the good times she had with him, including the sex. Will she be able to relive those moments without getting her heart broken in the process of finding out the truth?

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