It’s back! The Gibson Newsletter: A Year in Review is in full swing! Come and get the 2020 edition that is jam packed with all the newsletters from January until December of 2020. Don’t miss out on the latest news and updates that’s been happening throughout the year. I also added a special surprise for this edition as well: A sneak peek at the first few pages of An Orman’s Allegiance. Go grab your copy of The Gibson Newsletter 2020: A Year in Review today!

Foreword: Hello everyone, my name is Dominique Gibson and I would like to welcome you to The Gibson Newsletter 2019: A Year in Review This is all the newsletter put into one book for the entire year! I do apologize that I didn’t do the March edition of The Gibson Newsletter but I did manage to put a few extras in this book you will enjoy, including:

The Writing Craft Elements Essay that I originally did in the beginning of my creative writing courses at Southern New Hampshire University (and yes this is something I started on my blog earlier in the year on my website).

The Four Craft Elements of a Romance Novel which is another essay I created at SNHU that I have included in the book as well.

A sneak preview of Courtney’s Redemption which will be coming out in 2020!

I hope you will enjoy this short book of The Gibson Newsletter 2019: A Year in Review. See you soon!

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