Getting Closer to the finish line on the second draft – Courtney’s Redemption

Hi! It’s me. I’m back with another post. Just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s going on when it comes to my latest project, Courtney’s Redemption.

I am about a chapter and a half away from finishing the second draft of this novella. My hope is that I will be able to finish the self-editing process by the end of August so that by September, I will be passing the third draft to beta readers, developmental editors, etc. My hope is that I will be able to finish the entire editing process by the end of that month so that in October, I will be able to finally publish it on Amazon and other online retailers just in time for Halloween. Although I don’t know how that would fit in when it comes to passing out an ARC to my email subscribers and receiving feedback on them (I would have to send out a special email for that one), I really want to publish this novella out as soon as possible considering I made a promise in the third book of the Truson S.E.T. Series, An Orman’s Allegiance, that I would release this novella in 2022.

And that is what I am planning to do.

As for publishing A Phiman’s Betrayal in 2022, I will try but I highly doubt it will happen by the end of 2022 considering I am trying my best to push out Courtney’s Redemption for 2022 but we shall see.

That’s it for now. I will hopefully be back with another post real soon.

Dominique Gibson

My Final Decision to Traditional Publishing

Logo to Harlequin Romance

I want to desperately say no but I can’t.

Hello, Dominique Gibson is back with a new post. I know it’s been a while since I lasted posted something but I have been extremely busy lately and also been having trouble with the internet. Anyways, I will try to see if I can post this today without any issues.

So, If you can remember correctly, I did TWO videos on why I didn’t want to go the traditional publishing route on my YouTube Channel (If you are interested in learning more, you can click here to access my YouTube channel). I made valid reasons as to why I didn’t want to go this route because of what was going on in the publishing industry. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say I haven’t went back to the Harlequin website just to see if I still had that desire to publish with them.

Come to find out, I sill do.

Despite the horror stories I heard about contracts, royalties, foreign rights, etc. I still want to write for them. For years, I bought the Harlequin Desire books, hoping that my voice would be suited for Harlequin Desire. However, after checking in on their latest website online about open submissions in the Harlequin Romance series, I somehow made the decision to go in a different route and start reading Harlequin Romance to see if it’s the right line for me to write in.

Which is why I bought a book from that line to start reading and get a feel for what they are looking for in a Harlequin Romance…

So go ahead, say that I am a fraud and a fake for saying one thing and doing something else. I am expecting it. I did make those videos about traditional publishing, only to take those words back whenever I thought about Harlequin. But don’t worry, I will still continue writing for the Truson S.E.T. Series as a self-published author while writing for Harlequin at the same time.

So, I will be a hybrid author.

Go me!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go start reading some Harlequin Romance novels so that I will be able to see if this line is for me. See you soon.

If you are interested, here is the link to the Harlequin website and their call for submissions:

Write for Harlequin

Dominique Gibson

Something to think about and my latest video on my YouTube Channel

Hi! Dominique Gibson is back with another post. Glad that you are joining me right now. I have recently made a few changes in my life at the moment (I have moved out of my apartment today, which is a couple of days earlier than expected) but I have been slowly and surely dealing with the fact that I have to get used to my new situation at this point. But I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do for the next few months and I am pretty good when it comes to some of the decisions I have made so far.

I know that at the moment, I am almost finished with the second draft to Courtney’s Redemption. I have it all written down in my notebook but I would still need to type it up before I will be able to go back into it again on my computer. As I previously stated, I will go back to rewriting my work on the computer considering it’s easier and way faster than what I am doing now. I have also been thinking about what I want to do come next year in 2023.

  • The Phiman’s Trilogy – So I have not strayed from my initial plan of writing the three book series. My hope is that I will able to publish it and complete it by the end of 2023. I still have to work on the second draft to the fourth book in the Truson S.E.T. Series, A Phiman’s Betrayal but I am hoping to do that really soon.
  • Lex – Yet another project I have been dying to write about since I wrote An Orman’s Revenge, My hope is that after I finish editing and publishing Courtney’s Redemption and A Phiman’s Betrayal, I will be able to get started on Lex as soon as possible. I have an outline for this story that I really need to finish before I can write a single word of the book.

Despite me rambling on about my plans, I also started thinking about how I wanted to market my previous books in the Truson S.E.T. series. I have heard a lot of self-published authors state that they have been successful when it comes to marketing their own work when it comes to advertising their own books. While I think this is encouraging and I really don’t have a problem when it comes to marketing my own work, I also think that hiring other people to market your books can be just as helpful as well.

As a self-published author, we are always taught not to do your own book covers and to hire a graphic designer to do them for you. We are always taught that while it’s okay to self-edit your work, you still need a beta reader and/or an editor to review your work before you publish it. All of these as somewhat valid points but why is it that when it comes to marketing, self-published authors don’t have the same argument when it comes to hiring someone else to market the books for you? Sure, we could easily say that hiring a marketer is way too expensive for a self-published author but is it?

I have been known in the past to pay over a thousand dollars for an editor to edit and review my work. Even though I do my own book covers using Canva, I have heard other authors pay hundreds of dollars for a professional book cover for one, if not all, of their books. Why wouldn’t we be able to do the same thing when it comes to marketing? I know of a few authors who have used Fiverr to hire people to market their books (If you are interested on the last article I posted, you can click here for more info) along with marketing it themselves. Some of the results were good, others were not.

Since I don’t know how to market my books too well, I don’t see anything wrong with hiring someone for some extra help when it comes to this area until I am able to learn it on my own. I have been doing a little bit of research on Fiverr and I would like to consider hiring some of them for the marketing side of my book. Frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with this as it takes the time away from me worrying about marketing my book all the time and focusing on the one thing that matters the most to me: Writing and publishing my books.

Isn’t that what writers are supposed to be doing anyway?

Dominique Gibson

P.S. If you didn’t have an opportunity to check out my latest video on my Youtube Channel on my latest read from Brenda Novak, you can check it out down below. Thanks for watching and reading and I will see you soon.

The Next Step: Getting more Clients

Hi! Dominique Gibson is back with another post. So, I have been busy lately when it comes to all the things that have been going on in my life but I wanted to give you and update on what’s been going on lately and what I plan on doing in the future.

  • Moving – So, I am currently in the process of moving from my apartment in Skokie, IL. It has been a crazy week of trying to wrap up everything between doing my practice clients for my Author Accelerator Book Coaching program, Moving, and figuring out what I am going to do next for the rest of the year.
  • Writing – As of right now, I am still working on Courtney’s Redemption. Since I am currently on vacation from my job for a week (I will be going back on the 27th of this month), I have been working hard on getting the second draft done within this week.
  • Finishing the Author Accelerator Program – I am hoping that I will be able to complete this program within the next two weeks.

I decided to do a blog post on what the next step for me (and probably with other editors and book coaches who are wondering what the next step is going to be when it comes to getting clients). I actually found this website as I thought about what my next step is going to be once I finish the Author Accelerator Program and how I will be able to obtain more clients. Hopefully, this article will be helpful to others as well.


Read the article here

Dominique Gibson

Cheapest way of marketing your book: Fiverr

person typing on computer keyboard

Hello! I’m back with another blog post. I am pretty sure you probably have missed my posts since I haven’t posted anything in a little while. It’s not like I am ignoring all of my readers who are out there reading my blog. I just been going through a lot lately and I am trying my best to maintain a good balance between the multiple projects I have on deck right now…including signing up for my insurance license.

Yes you read that right.

I have decided that since I am no longer going the traditional publishing route when it comes to being a hybrid author that I needed to explore other avenues of making money besides working full time as an infant toddler teacher. Although I am grateful to have a full-time job where I can pay the bills and have a roof over my head, the fact still remains that I am going to need a second source of income if I really want to invest money into my self-publishing business.

So, after some digging and applying for a few jobs, I have found one that could potentially make a second source of income that I can put right back into my self-publishing business with the Truson S.E.T. Series and my other work as well. My hope is that by doing this method, I won’t have to worry about finding the money to pay for editing and marketing my work in the near future. My plan is to become an insurance agent or even an SMD (Senior Marketing Director) in the near future.

In the meantime, I have found some marketing services that are cheap and affordable through one website that I am sure most people should know by now: Fiverr.

Today, I recently searched for book promotion services on Fiverr just to see if there are some book promotion services I could afford on a low budget. I had found some interesting ones but then I came across one website where he had a list of book marketing services he used for his own books: Self-Publishing with Dale. I have become somewhat familiar with him on YouTube so I decided to check out some of the services he used on Fiverr, something in which I am thinking about trying sometime this week.

If you are interested, I have included the link down below on his recommendations of the people he hired on Fiverr to promote his books. You can click on the link here for more information.

See you soon.

Dominique Gibson

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