Need to supplement your income? No worries.

Hi! Dominique Gibson is back with another link for writers who may need some ideas when it comes to supplementing their income. I have been one of those authors who stated that it’s not always a good idea to depend on your writing considering publishing is not very consistent when it comes to a writer’s career. There may be times where you may make $10K a month one month and then make $3K the next month (Self-publishing) Or your literary agent might get you a six-figure advance for a three book deal within one contract only to end up getting a two book deal within the next contract (Traditional publishing). Not to mention the monthly installments a writer has to wait between when the writer signs the contract and the actual publication date (Yikes).

Anyways, here is a link I think you will find very useful to give you some ideas on how to supplement your income:

10 surprising ways writers can supplement their income

See you soon!

Dominique Gibson