Going International

Hello everyone, I just thought that I would give out a small tidbit of information just in case I have some international fans out there who may be interested in taking a look at my book An Orman’s Revenge on their own Amazon page. The international link is available here . So what happens is that if you live in another country (Spain for instance) and you want to read my book, you would just go and click on the link above and it will take you to the correct Amazon store to purchase the book. Pretty cool huh?

By the way, if you want to see the author profile, You will be able to view it here. Although I do plan on translating my book into multiple languages, I think that this will do for now. Well, see you soon!



Hardcover Book available on Lulu!


Hello Everyone,

Dominique Gibson is back…again. Why? Because I have more good news for my reader fans. I have just recently uploaded my book as a hardcover edition available here on Lulu! It will also be available on all the retail outlets (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google, etc.) within the next few days. Be on the lookout for the hardcover edition of the book very soon. If you can’t wait for the book to become available on the other online retailers, make sure you order it on Lulu. Look forward to your feedback.


It has Arrived!!!


The paperback version of An Orman’s Revenge is now available on Amazon. Since this is my very first book, I am super excited that the paperback version is now available. The paperback version of this book will soon be available at other retailers very soon but for now, you can order the paperback version here on Amazon. Looking forward to hearing what you think! Enjoy!


Another Amazon Giveaway

Hey guys, It’s me again. I was just giving you guys another opportunity to participate in the Amazon Giveaway. This will be your final chance to win some fabulous prizes along the way.  If you are still interested, Click here to claim your prize and to have an opportunity to purchase my latest ebook An Orman’s Revenge. Thanks and I loom forward to hearing from you soon.

Dominique Gibson

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