Helpful Tips For Authors: Book Brush

Dominique Gibson is back with yet another recommendation for authors on designing, promoting and marketing your books to reach readers around the world. This recommendation came from a Facebook friend I’ve met online through the ALLI (Alliance of Independent Authors) Facebook Group (Something that I will talk about later this week). I had created a list of things that I needed to do for the upcoming year when it came to publishing and promoting my books online and Vicki Noe recommended a website which I absolutely love and will use for my book cover templates for Ingramspark and StreetLib.

It’s called Book Brush and it’s a website that authors can use to do social media ads, book cover templates. and even do a 3D mock up of your books and even has the option of doing a box set if authors have multiple books they would like to advertise on Amazon and other online retailers. How great is that?

If you want more information about the pretty neat services they offer, check out their website here. That’s it for this article of Helpful Tips For Authors. Make sure you check back on here on my website for more information, tips, and updates on everything that’s related to the publishing world and I will see you next time.

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