Helpful Tips for Authors: Book Poster

So, I just so happen to be reading my email sometime last week and they reached out to me stating that they would be interested in promoting one of my books. As usual, I checked it out before I was able to write this post and share it with you guys. If you want another way in order to promote your novels, Book Poster might be another option for you to check out.

This website is a simple website with graphic images that talks about how they can promote your book for only $30 a day, which doesn’t seem bad considering how much it costs in order to advertise your book nowadays, especially for a self-published author (myself included). The maximum you can go when it comes to promoting your novels is five days. I think it’s at least checking out (I already checked them out and I’m thinking about promoting my novels on here as well). For more information, be sure to click the link above so it will take you directly to their website!

That’s it for this Helpful Tips for Authors article. Please be sure to come back again for more news, articles, releases, and more! See you soon!


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