Helpful Tips for Authors: S.K. Nijjar

It’s me, Dominique Gibson is back with another post to share with you guys. I just so happened to be browsing some blog posts via WordPress and I came across this article that I think all of my paranormal romance readers will love. Even though she has yet to have her YA paranormal romance books out yet (she’s doing it the traditional path of publishing), she offers some very interesting blogs about her world and how it works through a blog posts called Shapeshifters of the Immortal Realm which talks about the different types of shapeshifters in addition to extra info you might be interested in her upcoming series. Be sure to check out blog post using the link above.

Just from the way she describes her world, It seems like a pretty interesting YA paranormal romance to consider.

That’s all for now. See you soon.

Dominique Gibson

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