How to make it as a full time writer

Hi! I’m back with another article, this time talking about how to make a living as a full time writer. As a self-published author, I have never truly made a living off of my writing (yet) and even if I did, I would always have some sort of back up plan in case things just don’t work out (A day job for instance). Even though I wouldn’t put all of my eggs in one basket when it comes to publishing in general, I wouldn’t dare knock anyone down who wants to give it a try.

Here is the article I found that I thought was very interesting to read:

Everything I’ve Learned from 6 Years of Writing for a Living

See you soon.

Dominique Gibson

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My first love has always been writing since I was eight years old. After getting my Bachelor's Degree in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago and struggling for years trying to get published the traditional way, I decided that the only way to promote my work was to promote myself which is why I am self-publishing my paranormal romance The Truson S.E.T. Series.

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