Let’s Chat: The ongoing process of An Orman’s Allegiance

Hi! I’m back. I just wanted to take the opportunity to provide a short update on the progress of the third book in the Truson S.E.T. Series called An Orman’s Allegiance.

So, I initially thought I was in the finishing stages of my latest draft with An Orman’s Allegiance when I sent my latest draft to my editor, Judy Roth, for her to give out one last final look before I was going to publish the much anticipated book some readers have been waiting for. To my surprise, I recently just received this email back from my editor last week with this message:

Hi Again,
Here back with the notes. It’s all looking good, just a few little things and another few questions on their age differences. Take a look and I think the next pass will be it for this.

As to another reader, I have two thoughts for you if you are not able to find another set of eyes and would like to have that.

1. I have people who proofread for me. This is generally cheaper than elsewhere and the good thing is I look at their work when they are done so you get their eyes and then mine again as well. The only thing is while it is cheaper than most it is still a little costly at $.011 per word or about ($657.75 for this project), give or take a bit depending on final word count.

2. The other option is I could read it all again for you as the proofreader. The downside of this is of course like you I have already read it several times so I am not a fresh set of eyes but I do know the areas to look out for so should be able to identify inconsistencies, and because I have read it before and don’t need to pay the proofreader I could do it for you for $.005 per word which would come out to about ($298.98) again give or take a bit depending on final word count.

Anyway, no pressure on any of this and you may decide you don’t need anything. I just worried because of the number of plot changes between passes. Please do let me know you received this and do send it on back for another look at your final revisions!


I was surprised to see this in my email but I knew that I wanted this story to be the best it can be. Unlike some other writers who are able to write and edit a book within a month’s time, I am a slow writer and like to take my time when it comes to writing and editing my books (Which is another reason why I only can produce two books a year, although I would love to at least try to write and publish three books a year in the future). Considering I have been low on funds when it comes to self-publishing my work, I decided to hire Judy for the proofreading services.

Which means I don’t know when the third book will be done as of right now considering it is in the proofreading stages of editing. It might be short, it might be long, who knows? All I can say right now is:

Publishing is a very slow process.

See you soon.

Dominique Gibson

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