My Other Life: Teacher Appreciation Week

Hi! Dominique Gibson is back with another post. This is the post that I promised I was going to do when it came to the other side of my life: Being a toddler teacher. So, for the first week of May (May 3rd-May 7th, 2021). We had Teacher Appreciation Week and this was a post that I promised I was going to share last week but didn’t get a chance to due to my new class that started on Monday, May 10th. I will be sure to give you an update on that in a future post about how that’s going .

But anyways, I decided to go ahead and share some photos I took of some of the things I got from Teacher Appreciation Week from my job that makes me get up every single day and continue to do what I’m doing now despite all of the ups and downs I go through when it comes to teaching in general. In the following photos, you will see some cards I got from some of the parents from my center in addition to some gifts I got from my employer. Hope you enjoy the pictures and I will see you soon.

Card from my employer along with the flowers I got from them.
The Flowers I received for my hard work
A blanket I received from my job
Card from one of the parents
Another card from one of the parents

P.S. The cards read thank you for all the things I have taught them as their teacher in the toddler room.

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