Spending time with Toddlers: Wagner Farm

Hi! Dominique Gibson is back with another post. Happy Friday for people who are living in the U.S. and for the rest of the world, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I just wanted to do a short post about our recent field trip the toddlers had on Wednesday, August 6th, 2021 at a farm called Wagner’s Farm in Glenview, Illinois. I was extremely proud of the parents dropping off their children early so that they could join us for the trip.

The trip itself was interesting and fun for the children. We first started our day with the children going to the park nearby where they slid down the slide with all of these metal bars on it, making for a very bumpy ride. There was another slide that slid down in a semi circle from top to bottom that the children enjoyed as well. Once the children played at the park, we then went on a tour to see the animals.

There were some children who were scared to see some of the animals while others were excited to see them. We also went on a tractor ride around the farm as well to discover more animals we normally wouldn’t see otherwise.

Overall, it was a pretty good day.

If you would like more information about Wagner Farm, click on the link below for more information.

Wagner Farm

See you soon.

Dominique Gibson

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