So, I tried it again and it failed: The Bunmens

Hi! Dominique Gibson is back with another post. So, I had every intention of releasing the latest episode of The Bunmens: A Truson S.E.T. Story this Friday, October 1st, 2021 but it’s not going to happen again. Why you ask? Well, Amazon has a policy of reviewing the episode up to 72 hours before they make a final approval of posting the episode online. Go figure. What happens now? I had to schedule it again for Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 instead.

This was somewhat my fault as well. As I have mentioned on the latest video on my YouTube channel, I have been going through some legal issues in my personal life right now, which caused me to become a little distracted when it comes to finishing my work. My plan is to get back on track when it comes to the schedule dates of The Bunmens on Kindle Vella. I will also be posting the last two of my posts on my website as well.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go back to doing my discussion post for week ten of my course. See you soon.

Dominique Gibson

Dominique Gibson knew she wanted to be a writer ever since she sat down at her plastic table and wrote her first book out of sheer boredom at eight years old. Years later, she decided to go get her Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia College Chicago. She is obtaining her master’s degree in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. When not writing, she is busy teaching two year olds at a daycare center in Skokie, IL. For more information, check out her website at 

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My first love has always been writing since I was eight years old. After getting my Bachelor's Degree in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago and struggling for years trying to get published the traditional way, I decided that the only way to promote my work was to promote myself which is why I am self-publishing my paranormal romance The Truson S.E.T. Series.

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