Starting from scratch: Courtney’s Redemption

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Well, it’s official: I won’t be making my December 31st deadline for Courtney’s Redemption. A part of me is a little disappointed when it comes to this publication issue because I wanted it to be ready in time for the new year. Unfortunately, based on the feedback I have gotten from three editors, I feel as if this novella is just not there yet when it comes to how I want the story to go.

But there is good news on the horizon: Courtney’s Redemption will no longer be a novella, it will be a full-fledged novel! That’s right. Based on the feedback I have gotten, it is just too short to be a novella. It is meant to be a full fledged novel! I am currently in the process of starting this book all over again so that it will become a novel. Despite the horrible delays when it comes to doing three different deadlines, I am somewhat excited to be turning this project into a full length novel and will be sure to keep you posted on the process from beginning to end. Please keep checking back on my website for future updates on this latest project.

Also, please keep checking back on my website for some book reviews that I will be posting throughout the week of Christmas and New Year’s. There were quite a few books I have read within the last few months and I will be more than welcome to share my opinions on what I thought of these books.

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