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Hello everyone, Dominique Gibson is back again. So tonight, I just so happened to be browsing on YouTube (even though I should have been doing my homework which I will get around to doing it this weekend) and I just so happened to look at this video on a self-published author who had a terrible experience with an editor that she hired to edit her self-published novels. I wanted to share this so that people can comment on what they think about this situation (especially the writers out there who are either self-published or think about being published in general).

You can find the link to this Youtube video here.

I will post my thoughts about this by the end of the week. In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. See you soon.

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Free until Saturday…


Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the winter season. I have an announcement to make: The Gibson Newsletter is available on Amazon right now, for FREE. Yes, you read that right. The Gibson Newsletter is available for FREE on Amazon. Make sure you get your copy today. It will only be available for FREE until Saturday, December 21st. Get your copy now!

Get your free copy here.

See you soon.

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December Newsletter for 2019

Yes, it’s me. I’m back again. Did you miss me? If you were probably busy doing some holiday shopping for Christmas, I can’t say I don’t blame you. I would probably be doing the same thing right now but I have other priorities that’s taking my attention at the moment. Anyways, while people are getting ready for the holiday season, Please be sure that you take a moment to read the final edition of The Gibson Newsletter for the 2019 season. You can find the latest edition of the December issue for 2019 here.

Hope you enjoy it and I will see you soon.

Dominique Gibson

Big Promotion on Booksy


Promotion on Bargain Booksy!


Hello all, I know that this is kind of early but I decided that it would be best if I posted on here anyway. On Saturday, December 7th, and Sunday December 8th, 2019, Bargain Booksy will be featuring advertisements for both An Orman’s Revenge and An Orman’s Fate in their daily email newsletter. Please be sure you pick up your copy just in time for the holidays! Thank you!

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Inspiration for another paranormal series…

Hello everyone, There’s really nothing special I want to write for today. I just came up with a great idea that I could use for a new paranormal romance series and I didn’t want to lose the idea so I decided that the best way not to lose the idea is to post it here. These are two articles I was reading about the best winter dogs you can have as a companion for your home. If you are interested in reading it, I have the two links down below.

If anyone is interested in sharing it, please do so. Thanks!

Everything You Need to Know about The White Husky

The 20 Best Cold-Weather Dog Breeds

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