Helpful Tips for Authors: Free Webinar for Book Cover Design

Dominique Gibson back here again with another Helpful Tips For Authors article. I recently just discovered this on my Facebook page and wanted to share it with some of my fellow authors who might be interested in this particular subject: Book Cover Design.

There is this webinar going on right now on a webpage called Mark Dawson’s Self-publishing Formula where they have a Free webinar that talks about designing a book cover from a pro to give your book the best possible chance of success in the publishing world. This webinar focuses on the following:

  • Understand why some covers sell books and others don’t!
  • Learn some the trade secrets from a bestselling book cover designer
  • Learn some instructional techniques through Photoshop on how to create an awesome book cover for your book!

Want more information, make sure you click on the link below so you want miss out on this free webinar: Pro Book Designer 

That’s it for the Helpful Tips for Authors series. Make sure you check back for recent updates, book releases, and more through my website and on my Facebook page. Love you all and see you soon!

Dominique Gibson

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