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Hello, Dominique Gibson back here again with another Helpful Tips for Authors article. Today I will be talking a little bit about another marketing tool that could very essential for any author looking to promote their books whether they are traditionally published or self-published (although some of these articles may be directed towards self-published authors from time to time because of promotional reasons). I found this wonderful website where you can purchase book trailers.

That’s right, I said book trailers. Book trailers are another marketing tool authors can use in order to promote their books, especially if you are writing a series (My advice to anyone that is writing a series is to wait until you write and publish the first three to four books in the series before you decide to do a book trailer so that you will be able to promote all three books at the end of the trailer instead of promoting just one book). If you are strongly on the market to find someone who could do a really good job of doing book trailers, One of my recommendations I have for you is Book Candy Studios.

Book Candy Studios is a website that offers authors (both fiction and nonfiction) the opportunity to create the book trailer of their dreams. This company has created trailers for bestselling authors and includes a video on the services they offer based on the genre and the type of book you are writing. I just recently explored this website and found out that a lot of bestselling authors are using this site, not to mention they have worked with some of the biggest publishers in the publishing world (St. Martin Press, Harpercollins, and Kensington just to name a few).

I didn’t really get the full info about how much the book trailer cost but if you want more information about their services, please check out the two links above this post to check them out.

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