Spending time with toddlers

Looking at the laybug
Water play

Hi! Dominique Gibson is back with another post. I know it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog but I have been super busy with everything that has been going on so my website took a bit of a hit. But I just thought that since today is Friday and I just didn’t want to talk about my book all day long, I decided to do a short post about my other line of work and what they have discovered lately.

The first picture I took was of a small ladybug they had found on the table outside on the playground. They looked at it and became so fascinated by it that they wanted to touch and play with it. We talked about the ladybug but reminded the children not to disturb it so that it could find his friends.

The next photo was of a small pool in the backyard. Weather permitting, the children had a “water play day” where the children splashed and played in the water outside. Some of the children had a blast while the others stood back and watched as the water sprayed the other children. The children has fun overall.

I guess this will be all for my post on how my day went with toddlers. I will probably do more posts this weekend about how everything else is going. See you soon.

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