I’m Upset with the Self-Publishing School – My Second (possibly final) rant

Hi! Dominique Gibson is back with another blog post. Yesterday, I took to my blog post and let out my frustration about the application process I originally applied for as an Author Success Coach that they posted on their website. I applied for it once I saw the email from their newsletter about the position. Yesterday, I expressed my frustration about their whole application process and how I got kicked out without even been given the opportunity to get the zoom call or anything else. (If you want to read my whole rant about what happened in addition to when I applied for the position, you can click on those two links down below for more information).

Author Success Coach position

Why I’m Upset with The Self-Publishing School – My rant

Today, I decided to sent out an email through the email address I was given on their website and sent this email to them on September 8th, 2022 (Which is today on my end):

Hi! My name is Dominique Gibson. For the longest time, I have been an advocate for the self-publishing school. I have read Chandler Bolt’s Published and subscribed to your newsletter at your company.

Unfortunately, I am a little upset when it comes to your company and how you handled your applicants for your job search.

I had applied for a position for the Author Success Coach on your website after receiving a post about it in your newsletter. Yesterday, I received an email on Tuesday saying I was invited to do a zoom call. So, I signed up for the 1:15 PM slot, only to realize that the 1:15 PM slot wouldn’t work at the time and decided to switch it to an earlier slot (8:00AM). Unfortunately, your talent Manager at your company shot an email back saying that the time slot wasn’t available.

Unfortunately, she didn’t ask me if I wanted to keep my 1:15PM time slot. She took it upon herself to kick me off the application process altogether by stating she will consider me for the next opportunity.

That was unfair.

I feel as if I should have been given the opportunity to still keep my 1:15 PM time slot instead of being kicked out. I was still interested in the position but the way she handled it bothered me. Another thing that bothered me was when she stated she was all booked up for all the time slots when we were exchanging emails around 11:30 AM in the morning. But when I checked at 6:00PM my time, the 1:15 PM time slot I had signed up for was still there even though she lied and said all of the positions were filled.

I hope you will respond when it comes to this matter and see what you guys are going to do in the future to prevent this from happening.


Dominique Gibson

My hope after this experience is that they will be able to respond soon when it comes to this matter and what action steps they are going to take in the future to prevent this from happening.

I will be sure to keep you posted on this.

Until next time.

Dominique Gibson

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My first love has always been writing since I was eight years old. After getting my Bachelor's Degree in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago and struggling for years trying to get published the traditional way, I decided that the only way to promote my work was to promote myself which is why I am self-publishing my paranormal romance The Truson S.E.T. Series.

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