The Self-Publishing School Debate – The Results

Hi! Dominique Gibson is back with another post. Now, I don’t know if any of you were paying attention or missed any of my last posts I mentioned when it came to landing my dream job at the Self-Publishing School as an Author Success Coach (If you are interested in learning more, you can find out that info my clicking down below on my latest posts between me and the Self-Publishing School).

Author Success Coach Job

Why I’m Upset with the Self-Publishing School – My Rant

Why I’m Upset with the Self-Publishing School – My Second (and possibly final) rant

Well, I’m back. Only this time, it’s just to share my results of my overall experience when it came to this issue. So yesterday (which was Friday, September 9th, 2022), I received this email from the self-publishing school about their position on the issue:

Good Morning Dominique,

We understand your frustration and are disappointed to hear about your experience. However, you booked two time slots—one of which you booked the wrong time. with over 200 applicants, attention to detail is one of the key characteristics of the job.

Although you feel shortchanged, imagine how another applicant feels as they could also could have had the opportunity to interview and were unable to. We can agree that the communication should and will improve and we will address that internally.

We sincerely hope you consider SPS in the future as we would love to consider you in the future for other opportunities.

The SPS Team

Here was my response to their email:

Good morning,

As you stated in your earlier email, “Attention to detail is one of the key characteristics of the job”

Shouldn’t that rule also apply to your talent management as well? It shouldn’t just be with this particular job but with all jobs in general.

I can only imagine if someone else was in the same position I was in and automatically got kicked out because they switched time slots even though the calendar system you created didn’t cross it out or say it wasn’t available for that particular time at that moment.

Then on top of that decided to give the 1:15 time slot to a brand new applicant instead of taking the time to ask the simple question of if I still wanted to attend the 1:15 PM time slot that was originally given to me at first.

I see that you are are trying to cover yourselves up when it comes to this situation but it’s fine. My statement will go as follows:

“It’s always better to work for yourself than to work for other people. Why? Because you have no one to answer to but yourself.”

Good luck with all of your future endeavors. Send my best wishes to the candidate you hire in the future.

Dominique Gibson

My Overall thoughts on this situation:

  1. I think I did a really good job when it comes to defending myself in this situation. I felt as if it was a little unfair about what went down between me and them and I was glad that I made the effort to talk about it instead of ignoring it. If I did, then they wouldn’t be able to see the error of their ways to fix the problem in the future.
  2. “If you don’t speak up, change will never come.” I am pretty sure that is a famous quote from somewhere (Or not I don’t know) but that quote sums up what I did in this situation. I spoke up on what was wrong and even give out some hints right here on my website on what they could have done instead.
  3. “It’s always better to work for yourself than to work for other people. Why? Because you have no one to answer to but yourself.” I believe in this quote because after this experience, I think that me working for myself vs. working under people works a lot better for me. I am seriously thinking about becoming my own book coach and helping writers on my own vs working under someone else and following their rules. This situation makes me more determined than ever to do so.
  4. Despite the constant emails back and forth, I will give them credit for mentioning their scheduling system and saying that they need to improve their system in the future. However, I have ran into people who say this all the time but doesn’t do anything about it. I am hoping that this is not the case here.

As far as this situation goes, I am done with it. I have said my peace already and it’s over from my end. Whatever they have to say after this won’t matter anymore. I will continue to focus on other things besides what I am writing about right now (unless it’s really urgent to where I can’t help myself but to write about it here). I am in the process of rewriting my latest book, Courtney’s Redemption and finishing up other passion projects that I will share here on my website really soon.

I will see you soon. Please be sure to check back here for future posts.

Dominique Gibson

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