The Third Draft of Courtney’s Redemption -Book Form

Hi! Dominique Gibson is back with another post. I am super excited to announce that I am in the third draft of my novella Courtney’s Redemption with the added changes that were suggested by Karoline Rayne on Fiverr. There were some changes that I have already made based on her suggestions that were easy to do and then there were some that needed some major do-overs (Like the illness I had gave Evita in the book that didn’t apply to girls, only boys). I figured that the only way for me to address these changes was for me to have a physical copy of the third draft of the book (the same way as I did for the first one) so I can carry it with me whenever I am on the bus or the train to rewrite it into the fourth draft of the book without having to carry my laptop everywhere I go.

I will be sure to upload the changes that she suggested on a later post. Please be on the lookout for it real soon.

Have a great day!

Dominique Gibson

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My first love has always been writing since I was eight years old. After getting my Bachelor's Degree in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago and struggling for years trying to get published the traditional way, I decided that the only way to promote my work was to promote myself which is why I am self-publishing my paranormal romance The Truson S.E.T. Series.

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