The Goal: To become a Full-Time Author

Hi! I’m back with another post. So, I have been thinking long and hard about this one. I have been thinking about this for a long time now on making my dreams of being a full-time author come true. I went searching on the internet on how other people have done it so I could take it into consideration on some ideas on how I could do it as well. I found one article that piqued my interest when it came to writing romance novels and how they are making six-to-seven figures writing romance novels.

In this article, DC Kalbach talks about how the money he has made to the point where he is comfortable with his lifestyle. I read more and found out that he has some novels he has specifically on Kindle Unlimited while he has others on other publishing platforms as well. He writes under a pen names and releases ONE BOOK A MONTH on KU. Yes, you read that right. ONE BOOK A MONTH. I think that’s called Rapid Release Publishing.

The truth is, I think I will be able to pull it off if I decided to write the first drafts of the following books:

Courtney’s Redemption

The Reinmans: The Female Bodyguard (Future project I am announcing right now on this blog)

A Phiman’s Betrayal (Coming out in 2023)

A Phiman’s Conquest (Coming out in 2023)

A Phiman’s Desire (Coming out in 2023)

Lex (Plan for 2023)

That would be a total of six books within one year. Writing the first draft is not really the hard part. The hard part would come in when it comes to finding an editor who is able to edit these books within a month’s time. Then I would have to find readers for the ARC’S, make sure everything fits together by buying ISBN’S, designing the book cover, etc.

This would be on top of working TWO jobs, which I have to admit is taking it’s toll on me. Not to mention working on my manuscript for another project (Which I will announce tomorrow). However, I will admit that the article was inspiring so I decided to share the link here if you wanted to take a look at it.

That’s it for now. See you soon.

Dominique Gibson

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My first love has always been writing since I was eight years old. After getting my Bachelor's Degree in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago and struggling for years trying to get published the traditional way, I decided that the only way to promote my work was to promote myself which is why I am self-publishing my paranormal romance The Truson S.E.T. Series.

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