Big Promotion on Booksy

  Promotion on Bargain Booksy! Hello all, I know that this is kind of early but I decided that it would be best if I posted on here anyway. On Saturday, December 7th, and Sunday December 8th, 2019, Bargain Booksy will be featuring advertisements for both An Orman’s Revenge and An Orman’s Fate in theirContinue reading “Big Promotion on Booksy”

Inspiration for another paranormal series…

Hello everyone, There’s really nothing special I want to write for today. I just came up with a great idea that I could use for a new paranormal romance series and I didn’t want to lose the idea so I decided that the best way not to lose the idea is to post it here.Continue reading “Inspiration for another paranormal series…”

The Gibson Newsletter: Nov. 2019

Hello, I hope that everyone is enjoying their thanksgiving holiday! I do apologize, I was out sick for the last couple of weeks but I am back to say that the November 2019 of The Gibson Newsletter is out. You can view it here on the website in addition to my Facebook page. Hope youContinue reading “The Gibson Newsletter: Nov. 2019”

October 2019 Newsletter is here!

Hello! Dominique Gibson is back here once again to hit you with some great news! The October Newsletter has officially arrived today! If you’re not a social media fan, you can view the newsletter here as well. If you like what you read, please be sure to subscribe to my mailing list to make sureContinue reading “October 2019 Newsletter is here!”